First Rain

It has started raining after a very long time. The weather is gloomy, and the evening sun is hiding behind the dark clouds filled with rain. Birds are travelling back to their nests after a long, sunny day. The smell of petrichor has filled my senses and is making me nostalgic about various memories that are associated with this smell. These memories seem hazy but I distinctly remember how that smell made my senses feel. I take out my earphones and scroll through my playlist. I exactly know that Sinatra will go perfectly with this weather. I put on the song “The Way You look tonight ” and start walking around campus.  Almost instantly I have the urge to drink coffee. I purchase a Cappuccino and continue. As I wander, amongst the wonderful trees that having a wonderful shower I have many thoughts racing through my mind. This weather almost always transcends me into a new world, A world where I don’t care what time it is or what the people around me are doing.

I notice the birds are no more going back to their nests but are flying as high as they can to sit on the tallest pole or the roof of a building. I think that like me they too are nostalgic about rain and don’t want to miss out on the chance of experiencing the first rain.  As I sip my coffee stray dogs hurry to take shelter and students are rushing back to their hostel. I on the other hand walk as slow as I can soaking up the feeling of the first rain.

I vaguely remember how I used to enjoy the first rain as a child. I remember looking outside the window pane of my classroom, tiny droplets covering the green leaves falling down on the window panes and slowly crawling down to the bottom. The atmosphere outside used to get really gloomy and cold. I used to sit in the class and daydream about how awesome would it be if I were outside playing football with my friends. As soon as I used to get down from the school bus I used to run in the mud, purposely hitting my foot hard on the ground just see the splash of water. My little square bag hanging around my shoulders, my black polished shoes getting splashed on by mud. I remember me and my friends used to hand over our bags to our moms and take out a page from our books and make the most perfect paper boat there ever was. Now the most fun part began. We used to place our boats in the little streams of water that began at the start of the road and made its way all the way to the bottom. As our little boat race ended we used to dance like crazy in the small puddle of water splashing water all over our uniforms.

My ways of enjoying the first rains changed as I grew up. I and my friends used to take out our bikes, put on our raincoats and ride all the way to best Wada-Pav stall. For those of you who don’t know what a Wada-Pav is, It’s a potato based tikki sandwiched between a Bun served along with a heavenly Spicy-Groundnut chutney and some green Chilli. Ginger-Tea and Wada-pav are the best Rain snack ever!

Vada Pav


I am reminded of all these feelings as I walk down the footpath listening to music. The sudden feeling of Nostalgia takes over me and I get lost in my memories and I realize how much I miss my home and all the magical experiences I had there. I just wish If there was a teleporting machine somewhere, through which I could ride back to the times when I was a child and experience all those feelings again. As I bounce back to reality I realize that I have finished my cappuccino. As I flick my wrist to see the time on my watch, I remember that I am late for my class.