Whatever we do in life one thing we always face are descisions. Descisions are some kind of exercise that everyone does sub-consciously or consciously all the time.

For example, the descsion to get up early in the morning, the descsion to attend a class or not, the descsion to buy something. Many sales books say that the descsion to buy or not buy a product is taken by our subconscious mind in about 2-4 seconds. Pretty fast ! We think we have control over most of our descisions, but the truth is that most of our descisions are governed by emotions.

Let’s consider this, whenever you go out to buy a pair of shoes you always end up buying Nike, puma or some brand that has already created an emotional value for you. Many times we are told by our parents or elders to consider it twice before making a descsion. By this they mean carefully reviewing the good and bad sides of the consequences before making them. 

Career descsions are something that a person must always do it on his own ! Because you don’t wanna be 40 and regret about any descsion that you made earlier. If you wanna do something else in life but you are afraid due to the society, or what your parents will think, I say have the balls to get out of your comfort zone and take that descision that you always wanted to. You are very lucky to be born as a human who has choices in life, so get up, get yourself together and start making good descsions. Always know that you are not a product of your circumstances, but are a product of your descisions. 

I stumbled upon a very amazing quote which goes on like this “Joy is a descsion, A really brave one, About how you are going to respond to life“. I would like to conclude by saying Happiness, Success are nothing but just a state of mind. Make amazing descisions and live that amazing life that you always wanted to !